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WordPress Websites: To WordPress or Not to WordPress

To WordPress or Not to WordPress Well, you’ve made the decision to create a new website or to update your existing website. So many questions arise these days concerning look and feel and let’s not forget the all important SEO. All of the options to characterize your online presence, could be a mind boggling task to say the least. No problem, take a deep breath and scrutinize your needs and potential. Once you realize this potential the task becomes a lot simpler than you would imagine. First of all ask yourself if you’ll need to do regular updates, changing your sites content on a regular basis. These days this is all important as it keeps you up on the search engine rankings. That being said, you may not have the means to hire a staff of programmers leaving only one option and that is to have a Content Management System (CMS). With a good CMS you’ll be able to keep your site up to date yourself without having to worry about being a programmer/coder. Here at 4MediaGraphics & Marketing we’ve seen that content management systems can be both good and bad so don’t get too excited and read on. If you’re in need of more than just updating content and don’t have the technical skills to do so a CMS can be cumbersome. You will want to make sure that your new...

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