Mark Mentzer – Owner 4MediaGraphics


“Mission Statement: 4MediaGraphics seeks to create exceptional design;
to embrace innovative technology for startups and small businesses.”

It’s time that you took your logo, graphics or website to the next level.

Vision Statement: 4MediaGraphics & Marketing will take great design to the limits to enhance and grow all businesses with exceptional, responsive, and creative design.

4MediaGraphics & Marketing was founded in 1998 with headquarters located in Columbus, GA. We develop and market websites, branding, social media, SEO and print design.

The owner Mark Mentzer has been in the graphic design business since 1988 and has been designing websites since 1995. Mark has a unique background in graphic design, logo creation, business presentations, entertainment websites, small business websites, large business websites, business events, cartooning, illustration, video and animation.

4MediaGraphics & Marketing Design Services

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Here at 4MediaGraphics & Marketing we’ve been creating websites since 1995. Although we create graphics for branding/corporate identity, logos, print media including brochures, business cards, flyers, book covers, magazine covers, DVD covers and faces, website design is our main focus besides graphic design, presentation design and print design. We specialize in Real Estate Related Sites and Portfolio Sites but we’ve also done e-commerce and other small to medium sized business sites.

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Welcome to 4MediaGraphics & Marketing Logo and Branding services. Branding is mega important to your business and branding starts with good logo design. It dictates the color, the look and the feel of your business. We at 4MediaGraphics, collectively have decades of experience with graphic design, logo design, corporate identity and branding.

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Print Media

4MediaGraphics & Marketing creates graphic design which can be a rather broad topic. The foundation of graphic design includes print-work. We’ve done Brochures, Business Cards, Flyers, Book and Magazine Covers, DVD Covers and Faces and Menus and Clothing.

Now, that being said, we at 4MediaGraphics & Marketing have been creating compelling print media work for years. So, if you find yourself in need of captivating print media with a flair look no further you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be more than happy to fulfill all of your print media needs.

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Do you need to convey your message to a special audience? Good presentations can get your point across in a clear and precise manner. 4MediaGraphics has been creating slick presentations for companies large and small to help convey your special message.

When conveying presentations to a small audience, your companies Sr. Management staff, or perhaps pitching a business plan to a venture capitalist, a presentation isn’t just about having your secretary create PowerPoint slides – it’s really about infinitely more than that.

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