Mission Statement: 4MediaGraphics & Marketing seeks to create exceptional design; to embrace innovative technology for startups and small businesses.

Vision Statement: 4MediaGraphics & Marketing will take great design to the limits to enhance and grow all businesses with exceptional, responsive, and creative design.

4MediaGraphics & Marketing was founded in 1998 with headquarters located in Columbus, GA. We develop and market websites, branding, social media, SEO and print design.

The owner Mark Mentzer has been in the graphic design business since 1988 and has been designing websites since 1995. Mark has a unique background in graphic design, logo creation, business presentations, entertainment websites, small business websites, large business websites, business events, cartooning, illustration, video and animation.

4MediaGraphics & Marketing finds the best ways to achieve full exposure on the Internet, improve search engine optimization and ranking, and always find a way to showcase your project in the most innovative way possible to represent your company. We use and keep up with the latest and greatest software and technologies including all Adobe software.

Originally from New York and with over 20 years experience, 4MediaGraphics & Marketing builds smart, highly technical, functional and sound websites for customers throughout Florida, the United States and worldwide.

Some customers understand precisely what their needs are while others don’t have much time to devote but know that they should have a website. Some want complete control with sufficient comprehension of the finished website. Other people don’t have enough time to concentrate on their website and prefer us to maintain and update their sites on a regular basis. We will fulfill your needs and work with you every step of the way to ensure you have a website that is up to date and user friendly.

We seek to help our clients convey a professional look and feel, helping them stand out above and beyond their competition. Presentation is key to providing this. Therefore we offer a wide variety of services to our clients to help them showcase themselves in a professional manner. From web design to branding 4MediaGraphics & Marketing is a one-stop shop. With our professional SEO and Social Media services we’ll provide the necessary tools to make sure that your company is not lying there dormant on the internet but is being found by potential consumers. No job is too big and no job is too small.