Welcome to 4MediaGraphics & Marketing Logo and Branding services. Branding is mega important to your business and branding starts with good logo design. It dictates the color, the look and the feel of your business. We at 4MediaGraphics, collectively have decades of experience with graphic design, logo design, corporate identity and branding.

Good logo design is not just about your brand, nor is it only about your corporate identity. Good logo design, branding and corporate identity design all have different aspects, that form an image for your business.

Well before you start pondering your business’s design, corporate identity, and branding. Before creating a business card or choosing a color scheme for your letterhead, you need a good logo design. This logo will feature the name of your company, adorned with some color and some graphical touches, your company’s logo is the most important graphical element for your business because it dictates all of your marketing items including but not limited to letterheads, signage, packaging and promo materials.

You might try to create your own logo which will, of course, save you money as opposed with going with a professional design firm. Many large design firms charge in the thousands of dollars for just the logo and more than that when it comes to a full branding/corporate identity plan. 4MediaGraphics & Marketing doesn’t charge anywhere near what your big design firms charge. One thing to keep in mind is that a good logo should last roughly a decade.

So, even with your good eye for design, if you’ve never done professional branding design you should let us know what your exact needs are and we’ll put our minds and hearts to the grindstone to pull out a great logo and branding design for you. We take everything into consideration including your letterhead, website design, business cards, potential brochures and flyers, considering the amount of colors for printing and how they all work together. Your logo is the heart and soul of your business, dictating the entire look and feel. Realize the importance of branding and it will pay off for you in the end.

So, whether you’re in need of a pictorial logo or a logotype you can count on 4MediaGraphics & Marketing to provide you with the best at a reasonable price.