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Testimonials From Happy Clients.

Thank you Mark for your work!  This is exactly what I was looking for.  I really appreciate it.  I will be recommending you to people I know!  Thank you so much! — Joe Peebles

“Mark Mentzer is great to work with! Patient with my delays, and he came up with wonderful solutions to problems I posed. Will definitely work with him again on web design!” — Zavier Cabarga

“Mark is a fantastic ‘out of the box’ thinker when he designs. He always delivers on time and always seems to know exactly what a client is looking for even though it isn’t often communicated to him. Mark has amazing talent and brings to life animation like no one I have ever seen. Mark is a great asset to any company looking to improve their creative team.” — Sherrie Carlson

“I had the pleasure of working with Mark for several years while he was an Art Director at World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Mark comes armed with all the interactive arsenal. His web skills are top notch and he often brings a wry and whimsical approach with his animation.” — Cliff Hall

“Mark is a wonderful and passionate creative who constantly dedicates his talents in the creative spectrum. He is prompt, diligent, hard working, but most importantly extremely clever about the task at hand. I highly recommend Mark for any creative job, big or small!” — Avi Slavin

“Having worked with Mark at a systems integrator and using Mark’s 3D design for some of my SCADA screens, I can say from experience that Mark has a great eye for detail in his drawings, is very good with the use of colors, textures, lighting, and blending, and is always a pleasure to work with. He is a professional in his approach to work in the aspect of getting something done on time, under budget, and with respect to what the customer wants. I would HIGHLY recommend Mark for any graphic design job, animator, website designer, or anything dealing with information technologies at all period.” — James Jolly

“We’ve worked with Mark multiple times, and it’s always as pleasure. He is very artistic, great aesthetic sense, extremely savvy, follows directions, responsive to our needs, follows directions, handles every detail and is very well priced. Can’t do any better than Mark.” — Robert Wick

“Mark does very creative work and is dependible. I have known him for many, many years.” — Andy Jacobs

“Mark is a remarkable Flash animator. His forte is syncing with audio (lip-syncing, motion, “camera” pans – you name it). Always professional and courteous, if you need character/scene animation done in Flash, you should consider him.” — Tessa Blakely Silver

“Mark is a an extremely gifted artist who uses his talents to give you the best looking websites and logos. His expertise in photoshop and web design allow your business to stand out from the crowd. His talents don’t end there. He is a brilliant animator, illustrator, graphic artist and digital artist.” — Denise Campbell

“Mark is a great Graphics Designer and will always recommend him.” — Sharron Dark

“Mark is a professional that knows what he’s doing. He’s reliable and will make sure that you are a satisfied customer.” — Rose Jackson

“Great work that works! Meets the challenge. Uniquely creative being able to apply his talents in many areas. Mark gets it done. Very fair pricing and easy to work with! A great choice for all your visual projects!” — Andrea Polivy